Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane – We offers you professional carpet steam cleaning services.Get a FREE Carpet Pre-Treatment! Call 0410 452 014 to book same day carpet cleaner in Brisbane. Dirty Carpets layers may be home for harmful bacteria, germs and fungi. These harmful breads can not removed by carpet dry cleaning. Back 2 New cleaning services use hot water extraction method for carpet steam cleaning which would kill 99% of bacteria from underneath the layers of your carpets. Your carpet will look stain free and safe for the kids.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

  • Same Day Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Mould Remvoal
  • Carpet Stain Removal Service
  • Fast Carpet Drying Service
  • All Kind of Carpets Steam Cleaning
  • Flexible Booking Times Available
  • Family Owned Brisbane Based Cleaning Company
  • Over 10 Million Dollars public liablity
  • 100% Carpet Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Removes 100% of Bacteria from carpet
  • Eco Friendly Chemicals Safe for family and pets
  • Anti-allergic carpet treatment available
  • 24 hours emergency carpet steam/dry cleaning
  • Hot Water Extraction Service
  • Assistance in Furniture movement before carpet cleaning
  • End of leaser or one off steam cleaning services available
  • Customised Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Brisbane

Back to New Carpet Cleaning Brisbane offers you professional carpet steam cleaning services. Our professional carpet steam cleaners are specialised in same day carpet cleaning services in Brisbane.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Brisbane

Back 2 Cleaning offers you professional carpet steam cleaning services.Get 3 Bed Rooms steam cleaned from $99 in Brisbane !!! We use hot water extraction method which kills 99% bacteria. Eco friendly Australian made chemicals safe for your family and pets. After steam cleaning all the stains and mould will removed from your carpets. Our professional carpet steam cleaners will get rid of wine stains, ink stains, coffee stains from your carpets and will restore original beauty of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaner Available near you in Brisbane

Our carpet Cleaners in homes cleaning businesses for over 15 years. We got plenty of experience and expertise in carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, wardrobe carpet steam cleaning, small or large room carpet steam cleaning, lounge room carpet cleaning, hallway carpet steam cleaning, carpet stairs cleaning and carpet repair services in Brisbane.  We are Brisbane’s Premier Carpet Cleaning Company. Our professional are ready to work 24 hours and 7 days any where in Brisbane.

  • Carpet Stain Removal Guaranteed
  • 14 Days Money Back Carpet Steam Cleaning Guarantee.
  • Fresh Fragrance after carpet steam cleaning including deodorising Service
  • Carpet Sanitisation to Kill Germs and harmful bacteria underneath layers of your carpet
  • We use Hot Water Extraction Method for Carpet Cleaning
  • Emergency Same day Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Cheap Carpet Cleaning Prices in Brisbane
  • Quick Carpet Drying you may walk straight after steam cleaning on your carpets
  • Eco Friendly Chemicals Safe for your family and pets
  • Our Carpet Cleaning Professionals got over 10 years of experience in carpet cleaning
  • Always on ontime and exceeded customers expectations.


Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

We guarantee to get your carpet look like new. Remove stains from your carpet and will restore to its original look. Back 2 New Cleaning Brisbane offers you high quality result of carpet steam cleaning, dry cleaning, stain removing at very affordable price. Call 0410 452 014 Local Carpet Cleaning!!!

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Our carpet cleaners provide 24 hours carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne. Call us for the same day service !!!

  1. Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning Results.
  2. Our Carpet Cleaners are available 24 hours and 7 days for Emergency Carpet Cleaning services.
  3. Back to New carpet cleaners can come to your property on the same day of booking.
  4. No Hidden Carpet Cleaning charges.
  5. Friendly, Trained, Certified and Experienced Carpet Cleaners only.
  6. Our Cleaners are certified from IICRC.
  7. We carpet cleaning specialist can also repair your damage carpets.
  8. No Wet Smell after carpet steam cleaning
  9. Hot Water Extraction Method for carpet steam cleaning service.
  10. Carpet Hallway Cleaning Services
  11. Carpet Stairs Cleaning Services
  12. We use eco friendly carpet cleaning services.
  13. 100% Australian Owned and Operated Company.

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaners in Brisbane

We offer carpet cleaning cleaning services across Brisbane. If you need carpet cleaning done in emergency, we are just 1 call away. One of our carpet cleaning professional can reach your proerty on the same day of the call. Our carpet cleaners work 365 days including public holidays & weekends. Our carpet cleaning specialists lives in northern, eastern, southern and western suburbs of Brisbane. Most of the times, our carpet cleaner can reach your home, office or commercial property within 1 hour of the booking.
Back 2 New Cleaning Company is your one-stop solution for housing and commercial carpet cleaning Brisbane. We are located in Brisbane; we are serving in across Brisbane all areas. Our mission is to provide you the most pleasant cleaning service you will ever have! Our goal is your complete satisfaction, backed by our famous “Best Job or Your Money Back Guarantee” by Back 2 New Cleaning Company Carpet Cleaning. Our passion is cleaning with the use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Back 2 New Cleaning Carpet Cleaning. is dedicated to green, safe and healthy carpet cleaning at fair prices.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Brisbane

Hurry Up!!! Get the wide discount 15% off on Carpet Cleaning from Back 2 New Cleaning Company, Brisbane. Call us at any time at 0410 452 014. Same Day Service 24/7 hours

Our Carpet Cleaning Services for all Brisbane suburbs:

Our Carpet cleaning services are used by Brisbane home owners, landlords for rental properties, Real estate agents, for house listings, Back 2 New Cleaning Company is one simple solution for carpet cleaning, carpet repairs and re stretching, area rug cleaning, pet stains and odour decontamination and other home services. Our services are:

  1. Carpet Cleaning
  2. Carpet Steam Cleaning
  3. Carpet Stain Removal
  4. Carpet flood water extraction
  5. Emergency Flood water Carpet Cleaning
  6. Carpet Dry Cleaning
  7. Carpet Flood Restoration
  8. Carpet Water Restoration
  9. Carpet Mould Restoration
  10. Wet Carpet Cleaning
  11. Carpet Water Extraction
  12. Carpet Water Removal
  13. Carpet Flood Recovery
  14. Flooded Carpet Clean Up
  15. Storm Water On Carpet
  16. Washing Machine Flooded Carpet
  17. Hot Water System Leak On Carpet
  18. Tap Water Overflow On Carpet
  19. Roof Leak On Carpet

What’s the Need for Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Team in Brisbane?

The carpeting in our properties is generally one of the greatest one time expenditures we make in our homes. Your professional image is important – your clients and staff should be walking on carpets expertly cleaned to the highest standard for both presentation and health issues. Vacuuming is not enough! ONLY a professional cleaning will remove the deep dirt. Dust and pebbles deep in the pile can wear away fiber and take years of life from your carpet. ONLY a professional in-home truck mounted steam extraction will remove the deep dirt and pebbles. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction uses a soap solution that is sprayed onto the carpet and then is lifted out or extracted removing the soap, water and dirt. Despite the name, steam is not even used in the process. Of all the cleaning methods available to you, this is by far the best, and when properly done will produce the greatest results. Our Carpet Steam Cleaning System is better than any other steam cleaning method. Because using advanced Heating Systems we can remove those stubborn stains and marks that other carpet cleaners leave behind. Same Day Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

What makes our Carpet Cleaning Services Special in Brisbane?

  • Eco Friendly
  • Furniture Moved and Replaced
  • All Stubborn Stains Gone
  • Emergency Service 24 X7 hour
  • Premium Carpet Cleaning
  • Deep, thorough cleaning via high Powered Truck-mounts Units
  • Careful and respectful handling of your home and furnishings
  • Short Drying Times

Testimonials – Carpet Cleaning Customers in Brisbane

Commendable Upholstery Cleaning Service

Leather upholstery is tough to handle, very tough. And when it is time to get it cleaned, it is a nightmare. I have been regretting my decision to buy leather upholstery for a long time because of lack of a good cleaner but thanks to Back 2 New Cleaning I have my lovely leather couch back into shape. Yes, last month I called them to get my leather upholstery cleaned and as always I was not much hopeful. However, the results were mind blowing. Even the lost lustre of my couch is back. Great job done. I am definitely going to recommend your services.

Janine Mellor

Thanks Back 2 New Cleaning Brisbane 🙂

I had tried lots of cleaning company to clean our mattress,carpet, duct , tiles and grout and so forth over the years. However, Back 2 New Cleaning Brisbane is definitely the best cleaning company. They have team of cleaners who are expert in different areas of cleaning. I called them to clean carpet at my home. They have done this job perfectly and the quote provided over phone call was accurate. I would happy to introduce Back2 New Cleaning to family and friends so that they could save up their time, money and energy in finding expert carpet cleaners in Brisbane.


Flood damage

After the recent floods in Brisbane I called to have the water extracted to prevent further damage. I would sincerely like to thank raymond who came out same day and was genuine and didnt take advantage of our situation. I had rang a few other places who were asking triple the price due to our predicament. I found him honest and hard working.

Bella Day

Grout cleaning

I recently had my tile and grout cleaned by back 2 new and am absolutely rapt with the result I knew the grout was really grotty and didnt think it was ever going to come clean again. The guy who came out was very professional and took his time. The end result was fantastic even my tiles look heaps better.

Phillipa Crankston

Mattress Cleaning

Great service great price great job. Just GREAT all round.

Bec Kingsley

Amazing Mattress Cleaning !!

Back 2 new cleaning company is best cleaning in Brisbane. They have very friendly and professional cleaners. I always prefer them for mattress cleaning but this time I got chance to put some good feedback about their teams. Till date I have had no problem with anything from them. They are reliable, punctual, affordable, experienced, and licensed.


Affordable Carpet Stain Removal

I regularly clean my mattresses with the help of a vacuum cleaner but last week I had to call Back2 New Cleaning team to remove the carpet stain. I was really shocked to see the result! This company provides a good, professional, and affordable service.Thanks to your Eco-friendly cleaning solutions the stain and smell both are gone. Great service.


Why You Chose Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Brisbane?

In your home and office is a major investment in regular carpet cleanings are necessary to keep it looking new. We offered you Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning, as well as Emergency Water Damage Services at unbeatable price with Eco friendly Environment. We’re honest, upfront and always make sure you’re satisfied with our job, which is always well done. We provide you 24/7 hours service at any time across Brisbane all suburbs. Back 2 New Cleaning Company provides you well experienced and professional team for carpet cleaning at Brisbane. We charge reasonable rates with which our clients will be comfortable. Our team uses both systems of carpet cleaning, both Steam cleaning and Dry cleaning. Both of which are good and effective systems, so we feel we are able to offer a fair opinion of the effectiveness of each.
Accumulated soil and spills contribute to reduced carpet life. They also enable destructive and health harmful dust mites and bacteria to thrive unnoticed. Carpet Cleaning costs are minimal when you consider the replacement costs so regular carpet cleaning makes economic sense too.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Accumulated soil and spills contribute to reduced carpet life. They also enable destructive and health harmful dust mites and bacteria to thrive unnoticed. Carpet Cleaning costs are least when you consider the replacement costs so regular carpet cleaning makes economic sense too.
Back 2 New Cleaning Brisbane carpet cleaning experts use only the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning equipment— truckmount manufactured by the industry leader, Hydra master. We spend our time and money in the latest technologies so you can enjoy the benefits of cleaner and healthier carpets. We are the only company in Brisbane, who uses an on board water softener system !

Prolong the cleanliness of your carpets

We use only eco friendly, 100 % biodegradable professional cleaning products which are safe to use in any home or office setting. Our state of the art truck mounted machine is so powerful, that your carpets will be dry, clean and fresh within few hours. Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Service Method:

  1. We inspect the carpeting or upholstery to be cleaned—locating and identifying any soil, stains and odours.
  2. We vacuum to remove the dust and dry particles.
  3. Carefully move required furniture (except very large items, like pianos, china cabinets, entertainment units, etc.).
  4. Clean the required areas using our gentle hot water extraction method.
  5. Apply deodorizer or protector if arranged, and groom the carpet.
  6. We select special cleaning and spotting agents that are specifically formulated for the task at hand. With our professional spraying instrument, we carefully pre-treat any areas of concern.
  7. Return your furniture to its location and place protective pads under legs.
  8. After all those steps finally, we do a final inspection to ensure we have met your carpet cleaning expectations.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Brisbane We pre-inspect all areas with black light. This helps us to locate otherwise invisible pet stains. We treat the stains with specially designed odour-Neutralizing deodorizers, let it infiltrate the carpet, and then rinse and extract the deodorizing product to completely remove the entire residue. This is done by another hot steam cleaning using just pure hot water, no chemicals.

You can walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but avoid street shoes.
As always, we guarantee your satisfaction, if stains come back, so do we!! Call us

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane - Our Team

Our aim is “We Clean the Corners – We don’t Cut Them”, our clean cut certified staff take every steps to insure that your cleaning is done professionally and to the highest standards. Ensuring that you have a safe and clean environment and that your carpets and upholstery will stay cleaner and last longer. We use the most effective cleaning methods to clean and disinfect your carpets. Green Cleaner Company Brisbane carpet cleaning experts also specialize in pet stain removal and neutralizing of odours in carpets.

Put us to the test!!! Call Now!!!

Happy Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
5 5 1
Hello, I had my carpet steam cleaned this week. The carpet came up great. I emailed for thanking and had an initial good response. Definitely would recommend this company again. Marilyn

Professional Carpet Cleaners in Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning
5 5 1
As their name suggests Back 2 New carpet cleaners turned stained carpets to look back 2 new. We had lots of stain on our carpets. Amazing results after carpet steam cleaning. Stubborn stains completely removed. Excellent results !!! Highly recommended company in Brisbane.

Best Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
5 5 1
Back 2 new Their name suits their work. Very very professional company. We had lots of stains and faded carpet spots. They match color of the spots and removed stubborn stains completely from our carpets. Now our carpet looks back 2 new again. Thanks for your awesome service.

Affordable Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
4 5 1
We have a very old carpet that is almost torn and worn out. We were thinking of replacing it when we thought of giving a shot at getting it cleaned. We are so lucky to have chosen Back 2 New Cleaning to get our carpet cleaned. These people actually turned our carpet back to new and it looks marvellous. A little repair and lots of thorough cleaning are two things the carpet required and these people had latest tools to provide so. I am thinking of plunging out all my old carpets and get a makeover for them from Back 2 New Cleaning. Thank you guys!

Very Happy with Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
5 5 1
Back 2 New Cleaning owners is an extraordinary person to work with. He works very hard and pays very close attention to his client’s needs to guarantee their approval. I really like that Back 2 New Cleaning owners personally knows all the people he hires to create a great team those clients can feel happy having entered their work place. For company that prioritizes their employees and customers health as well as care for the overall health of the environment, Back 2 New Cleaning is the company to hire.
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