Sanitization & Disinfection

Sanitization and disinfection are very important for every household. As your home is the place where you spend most of your time. There are kids, elderly people, and even pets. These procedures kill 99.9% of bacterias and germs from your surroundings. We disinfect the floors, carpets, and piles too. Furthermore, this treatment kills unwanted microorganisms in seconds. So, whenever you want to get your carpets disinfected, call professionals. 

Carpet Sanitization & Disinfection Service

Advantages of sanitation services

  1. Safe and secure: This disinfection process is very important to create a safe and secure environment all around. 
  1. Improved air quality: With dust and dirt in the carpets, it becomes very obvious to get caught with skin and asthmatic diseases. Disinfectant has strong virucidal properties to kill  Therefore, getting your carpets sanitized can be the best option.
  1. Dirt and allergen-free carpet: Disinfection can make your carpet dirt and allergen-free.This also improves air quality and reduces the chance of respiratory disorders.
  1. Kill 99% of fungi, viruses, and bacterias: This method is efficient to kill 99% of germs, viruses, and fungi. It gives you a protective covering against various infections and allergies.
  1. Odour removal: This sanitation process also removes filthy odours. At last, you are left with a clean and germ-free carpet.

Ill effects of infected carpets

  1. Infected carpets are unhygienic.
  2. They get piled up with allergens and dust particles.
  3. This can be a reason for various skin and respiratory diseases.
  4. It also affects the condition and durability of the carpet.
  5. Filthy and intolerable odours.
  6. Unhealthy air quality is unsafe for members of the house.

Protect your home with professional carpet disinfection service

Professionals do their job very well. Moreover, they have all the necessary tools and machinery. Back 2 New Cleaning is a well-known company in your town, So when you hire us, you can just sit back and relax. Likewise, we take all your stress and worries. Furthermore, you can easily stay home while we perform. Firstly, our trained team members use completely high-grade products. Secondly, the disinfectants used by us are totally organic and odourless. In short, just call us and we will be there on your doorstep in an hour.

People Also Ask

Is the disinfection method safe?

Yes, this treatment is very much safe. It adds an extra protection cover for your family.

Who carries out the treatment?

This treatment is generally carried out by technical and trained professionals.

Do we need to vacate the property in advance?

You don’t need to vacate the property. You don’t need to do any special preparations for this. Just give access to the places to be sanitized.

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