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Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South

Give your tiles and grouts a new look by availing Back 2 New Cleaning services. We are your one stop solution to give your tiles and grout a new and sophisticated look. We put our all our expertise and experience to impress you with our exceptional services. Moreover, we have an expert staff which is totally reliable and hold appropriate tile cleaning certifications. Hence, we are a leading name in tile and grout cleaning services. We have a wide reach and cover almost the whole of Australia. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and follow a transparent pricing policy with no hidden charges.

Importance of cleaning tiles and grouts :-

When we build our house, we plan each detail specifically. Starting from its exterior, interiors, and flooring, all gets our special attention. We generally rely on tiles and marbles for the enhanced outlook of our floors. Only getting tiles in your home cannot make your task complete all the time. An effort for its maintenance is also necessary. Similar logic is applicable on your tile flooring. They also require cleaning regularly. Tiles having glossy and non porous surface can be easily cleaned. Special efforts are necessary however to clean the grout.

Grout is the lining between the tiles. They are basically of cement or plaster of Paris. This gives them a porous and rough surface. So once dust and spilling get over the grout, they become stubborn and difficult to clean.

You can do tile and grout cleaning. However, professional tiles and grout cleaning services are essential to get a thorough cleaning regime.

Best Tile & Grout Cleaning Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South
Best Tile & Grout Cleaning Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South

Reason of hiring Back 2 New Cleaning Services

Various DIY methods can hover over your mind. However, professional tile and grout cleaning services are vital for the following cleaning activities:

  • Tile Sealing Services:

Many a times your grout becomes lose. It can lose its grip over the tile making it vulnerable of being displaced. To avoid such mishap, hire our professionals providing efficient tile-sealing services. They repair and reseal the tile by fresh layer of grout over them.

  • Specialized Tile and Grout Cleaning:

Your tiles are made of different materials. The market is flooded with tiles made out of slate, limestone, natural stone, travertine, porcelain, sandstone and terracotta. Cleaning process of each one is different from the other .Our professionals can take care of the entire thing and do the cleaning without harming the natural shine and luster of your tile material.

  • Outdoor tiles sealing and cleaning:
    Tile and Grout Cleaning Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South
    Tile and Grout Cleaning Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South

Many a times we use tiles to decorate our porch, garden walkways and entrance pathways. We are all aware of the dust and pollution outdoors. They settle on these outdoor tiles, and, require professional tile and grout cleaning services. The stains are sometimes stubborn and sticky. These are not possible to maintain using homely remedies or DIY methods. 

  • Tile burnishing, buffing and waxing services:

If your flooring contains of Vinyl composite tile then this method is applicable. Cleaning and vinyl floor sealing is done efficiently using this method. This is a weekly or bi-weekly procedure carried on by our professionals. Moreover,the tiles are cleaned, polished and sealed using best quality industrial grade wax sealer. This gives the vinyl floors a shiny and sophisticated look. 

  • Expert Tile Restoration:

For cleaning and sealing natural stone tiles or tiles made out of materials thriving naturally, this is the best option. Proper cleaning and sealing ingredients with proven updated techniques are implemented for this purpose. It removes not just lippage but also scratches by methods of honing and grinding from the surface of the tile.

For proper and efficient tile and grout cleaning, you must avail our services. Various tasks like stripping, sealing, restoration and floor efflorescence treatments are not possible to do on your own. Our professionals however, can do all these to keep your tiles and grout preserved with a shiny and sophisticated look.

Customized tile and grout cleaning, Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South:-

Contact us now for the best customized tile cleaning option in Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South. No matter where you stay, our experts will reach you on time once you give us a call and confirm your order. You can customize and get the appointment fixed as per your requirements on any date or time. We are available all days, even on weekends and public holidays. These are some of the areas we specialize in:-

  • Grout restoration
  • Tile stripping
  • Caulking
  • Color sealing
  • Tile sealing grout recoloring
  • Mildew or stain removal
  • Tile resurfacing
  • Broken tile repairing
  • Tile polishing
  • Tile restoration

We have an expertise in cleaning all types of tiles, be it granite, limestone, marble, mosaic, quarry, porcelain, sandstone, ceramic, travertine or any other type. We not only clean your tiles and grouts but also give it a glossy finish.

Our tile cleaning procedure:-

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South
Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South
  • As soon as we get call from your end and a confirmation, we ask you for a particular date and time when you want to receive our services.
  • Our experts reach you on time and do the initial inspection after discussing your requirements.
  • The experts then come with the best cleaning method and solution depending upon the type of tiles you want to be cleaned.
  • They discuss the cleaning procedure with you and also let you know about the cost.
  • Our experts then thoroughly sweep your floor to remove all the dirt and dust particles.
  • They then apply a safe cleaning solution on tile and grout linings.
  • With the help of special brushes and equipment, they remove all the dirt and stains efficiently.
  • They then use high quality machines to dry the cleaned area.
  • Our experts then re inspect your tiles and grouts.
  • After the final inspection, they spray a special anti-germ solution.

Why choose us :-

  • Restore the look of your tiles and hence make your tiled floor and walls look new.
  • Get rid of all the stains, dirt, dust and other contaminants.
  • Our prices are competitive enough involving no hidden costs.
  • Our services are available throughout Australia.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and quality assurance.
  • Quick services at a lightning fast speed.
  • Expert services from a highly efficient staff.

So give us a call now on 0488 850 862 to maintain the look of your tiles and grouts. Since, a major part of your house is occupied with tiles and grouts, it is essential maintain their look. Only when you take care of your tiles, will you be able to enhance the overall look of your home.

Location: Tile and grout cleaning Oakleigh South, VIC, Australia